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I’m super goofy and proud of it! 

My motto is, if it’s not fun and you’re not laughing…it’s time to move on! And that has never led me astray. You’ll definitely get to know me over time as you follow our podcast and watch whatever crazy videos we pull together, but below you'll find my personal Pop 10. Enjoy!

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Alyson's Pop 10

10. I adore theme parks (obviously), but specifically roller coasters

9. Superheroes (I’m a Marvel girl through and through)

8. Wizards

7. Justin Timberlake

6. Breaking Bad (best TV show of all time)

5. Goonies may be my favorite 80’s movie, but ET is a very close second

4. I live to travel and do unique things in cool places

3. Horror and Halloween

2. Nintendo

1. The Pop10!!! (shameless…I know)

In full disclosure, I am an enthusiastic Orlando theme park employee, however, my opinions shared here and across our other channels are strictly my own!


I'm a guy who just wants to leave individuals a little bit better than how I found them.

Clearly, I think Pop Culture is super rad and I'm pumped to start sharing that with you guys. my not so spare time, I'm also the LIVE Host for both

Walker Stalker con and Heroes & Villains Fan Fest.

So let's do this! Check out my personal Pop 10 below and let us know yours!

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Dave's Pop 10

10. Funko Pops

9. Horror

8. Soccer (Futbol)

7. The Walking Dead

6. Universal Orlando

5. The Hulk (Marvel Comics)

4. Ninja Turtles

3. Gears of War (game)

2. The Three Caballeros

1. Bob Marley

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